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Located in Coventry and founded in 2002, JH Dental Clinic is a small yet cutting-edge private practice.

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JH Dental Clinic, founded in 2002, is a small yet cutting-edge private practice.

In addition we are a referral centre used by the local hospital dental service, who have been referring to us for over five years due to our exceptional standards of hygiene and clinical standards.

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, a friendly relaxing atmosphere and the latest techniques, including preventative dentistry and all types of cosmetic work.

Our dentist has worked extensively both in private practice and hospital dental service since graduating in Guys and St Thomas' Hospitals in London in 1996.

We are keen to offer simple and pain-free dentistry in line with the latest scientific research.




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Meet the Team

Jati, our dental surgeon.

Jati, our dental surgeon.

Great Staff, great dental care and a very caring attitude toward patients. Can’t recommend Jati and everyone else at JH Dental Clinic highly enough.
— John, JH Dental Clinic patient
Dr Heer is very gentle, patient and understanding. I was afraid to see another dentist, due to past experiences! I have now moved all of my family to his surgery and recommended all of my friends too.
— Tracey, JH Dental Clinic patient

Jati Heer Qualified in 1996 from Guys & St Thomas’ hospitals and has worked extensively in all types of dental practices, including those committed to seeing very nervous patients alongside a hospital based career. In 1998 he completed the MFGDP exam and joined the Royal College of Surgeons (London). The JH Dental Clinic was opened in 2002 and has gradually become a full time commitment as a general private dental practice as well as a referral centre for more complex work such as wisdom tooth removal or dental implants. It is also utilised by the hospital service to assist their clinics on a regular basis. We have a passion for using the latest methods and base our clinical treatments on sound scientific research.

Apart from work, Jati is a keen aviator and has an interest in keep fit and martial arts.


Annie joined our team in 2016. She is our Trainee Dental Nurse. She is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of dentistry. She keeps the surgery immaculate, the patients at ease and is meticulous with contamination control.


Clare joined us in 2006. She is currently our main Dental Receptionist, in charge of the front of house section. Clare has a great rapport with our patients and will always go that extra mile for them.


Satty joined our team in 2016. She is currently working as our Trainee Dental Nurse and is doing tremendously well. She will finally be fully qualified by the end of the year.





Our Treatments


These fillings are made of a material which consists of ceramic and resins mixed together to provide durability, aesthetics and biocompatibility. These materials have been used for around 35 years and over the last few years, have become very advanced where shades are matched by mixing different layers. We have been heavily involved in this area and published articles on shade matching

White fillings are routinely used due to the increased durability and aesthetics that they can now provide.



These are used when the central channel inside the tooth (the root canal) becomes infected or traumatised leading to an unhealthy situation and abscess formation. Traditionally root fillings were a long and difficult procedure, however over the past few years we have had great success with the latest techniques which use an automated canal cleaning system (Wave 1) which means that the process is quick, reliable and painless. A rubber isolation sheet is always also used to prevent ingress or contamination into the tooth. This method means that most cases can be treated in a single visit. The research shows that using the latest techniques like this remarkably increases long term success rates. We have published a case in the British Dental Journal based on root canal therapy:



These are small titanium screws which can be placed to replace the teeth. They can be used for single or multiple teeth, or to stabilise dentures. Implants have been available for around 40 years. We have been placing implants since 1999. Implants are often used in conjunction with bone growth materials (Bone grafts). We have published several clinical articles on implant surgery.



This is essentially a form of tooth bleaching where the results can last from 12 -24 months. We place a great emphasis on safety as the regulations stipulate that only mild bleaching chemicals are safe. We recommend an hour in surgery plus a take home kit. Tooth whitening is often carried out in conjunction with hygiene sessions and good prevention.



We have been a referral centre used by local dentists for over 15 years. In 2010, the hospital service has also been utilising our facilities for patients who need any form of dental surgery. We receive numerous referrals for patients with a great deal of anxiety and phobia. Our team is very experienced and trained to make the procedure as quick as possible and painless. We understand that referrals for surgery create a great deal of anxiety for the patients and have treated thousands of patients successfully using a quick streamlined system.



Q. Will I feel pain during my dental treatment?

A. Modern dental techniques mean that even placement of the dental injection can be carried out in a gradual way along with a pre injection gel that makes it possible to numb the teeth easily. The gradual technique means that the initial “sting” of the injection is greatly reduced almost down to zero.


Q. I need a lot of treatment and fillings, will it be expensive?

A. We offer very competitive treatment plans, even for aesthetic treatment. Payment is also phased as treatment progresses to reduce patients being hit with a big bill.


Q. Can tooth whitening damage my teeth?

A. Not if it’s done correctly under the guidance of a dentist. The concentrations of the chemicals used has to be carefully controlled and each case considered individually. We generally advocate an hour of tooth whitening in surgery with our hygienist along with a top up take home kit. This provides the mist stable long lasting results. Bleaching or tooth whitening will need to be repeated and the take home kit suitable for this purpose.


Q How often should I visit the dentist

A. This varies according to your treatment need and the likelihood of you developing further dental disease. In addition the dentist is trained to check the mouth for signs of more serious disease esp mouth cancers, which if caught early have an excellent chance of recovery. This is bcarried out at each dental visit. The general advice is that a check up should be in the region of once or twice a year (your dentist will advise you). Hygienist visits are recommended in addition to prevent the onset and progression of gum disease. Again the dentist will advise but most people have a hygienist session 2/3 times a year. Gum disease is often without pain and can progress to advanced stages. Left untreated it is the main cause of tooth loss. 


Q. I am very nervous about dentistry, what can I do?

A.  Our team is trained and highly experienced and can deal with anxiety. A method of desensitisation often helps where over several visits patients are gradually introduced to the clinic and the environment. 


Q. Do you have a map, I don't have a smart phone?

A.  Yes! It's below.